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Old Stopping Grounds

So I guess since I seem to be returning to a lot of sites I use to regularly visit I should post a little more often. So today I checked on PG cause I haven't been on those forums in sooo long. I do remember the site closing and leaving the forums, them I go today and it had all shutdown but moved to a google group. So I joined and said hi. It was nice to "see" old friends like Space, 3B, Aesir, Kree, Sams, Papa, and others. I missed them and I hadn't been around in so long I wasn't invited cause no one knew where I went and I disappeared completely from my old stopping grounds. It was nice to return to my internet roots. I'll try to be more interactive again, but no guarantees. I love You Tube way too much.

Generally I wasn't missed much considering I was rarely getting on many months back, so I understand if people didn't try to find me, or even if they cared. Still I hope I can reenter into a subculture I haven't really been a part of for nearly a year.

But it's still weird so many people grew up. Spacen is a daddy, which is why he also kinda disappeared for a while. Which I congratulate him on. NoKreeForMe is 18 now. Wow I still remember when she was like what? 14, 15? Man time flies. I've been on LJ for 3 years. Some forums about that long. I think my old SG1archive account still exists I haven't tried yet though. Still I joined that forum back when I got into Stargate at the season 7 premier. That was what? 4 years ago! Dang! Hard to believe, it still feels like yesterday when I joined that site and began posting. It's weird returning to the addicting life on the Internet. Hope everyone embraces my return, and just now how much I missed everyone. :)

A New Desire

Well life goes on right? As y'all know I got in a car wreck earlier this month. Well Wednesday night I got a speeding ticket...83 on a 65. I know, bad. And I already took defensive driving back in the fall so I can't take it again any time soon. We're gonna have to see if the judge will keep it off my record, cause I can't afford more insurance.

It's so hard not to be stressed, and at times I feel like just giving up on God and just not care anymore, but I know I can't do that. This was a wake up call, and God has been working this on me for months now. I look at my life and see how apathetic I've been. I just keep Jesus to myself and I don't share Him with others. I don't .....I just don't do anything. I'm lazy. And I'm allowing stress and apathy move in and my grades are slipping, I don't keep track of my money. and I came to an Epiphany...I'm not the only one like this. Most Christians today are apathetic, and it's hurting our witness, it's hurting the church from the inside out.

I just, I don't know have this new urge in me that's been growing the past few weeks now, and I feel like running to Wal-Mart and randomly going up to people and say "Jesus loves you."  I feel like going to school and talk to that kid sitting their, back to the library. All alone, and just talk to him/her. I feel like dusting off my bible and actually read it (and I have). My ticket, the wreck, the VT shootings, what I've been seeing in others lives, even talking to Jordon has caused this fire in me. Me and Jordon, a friend I grew up with at church, having been talking a lot lately, and God has been putting it on his heart too about apathy in the church as well as his life. And now I wanna stop talking about it, I wanna do something. I've found myself praying more (not a whole lot, but more than usual) about this problem. In a small way I've gotten closer to God. Life can be hard, but it's times like these that God changes and molds us into what he wants us to be. And I am thankful for these trials for they have changed me in a way God intended.

I've made a lot of mistakes this year, but God has taken them all and turned them into something good. What an awesome God we serve! We are so small, and unworthy, yet he loves us so much he is willing to give us a true excape from the stresses of life. He provides comfort in times of tragedy, he gives us revelations in times of trials, he molds us and calls us everyday. We can run as long as we want, but we will always come back to Him, and He always take us back. Man what a God we serve. I'm just so overcome with the joy of Him I'm actually tearing up as I wirte this. God just rocks. it's hard not to love him.

Anyway that's all I have to say, I've got finals to study for, catch y'all later!

In Him,
Psalm 118:5

Car Wreck

ok, so for those who don't no yet I was in a car wreck the other day. Now before you freak out and flood my cell phone, I'm ok I'm not hurt. My car isn't so pretty though. See I was heading to school on 1764 (for those that know where that is) heading towards 646. Going the speed limit, about 50ish, and was approaching the Ave S intersection. The light was green and so I didn't slow down. Next thing I know a lady pulls out from the day care side of S turning West on 1764 (running a red light, I think she was on the cell phone) and hit me! Right at my front right tire. So I flying toward the left turning lane on the other side of the intersection having to turn my wheel to keep from hitting the person in that lane. So yeah I freaked out big time, Oh and I was late to my History test. The professor was understanding. So my car's wheel wants to drive me in the ditch so it's not drivable, and it'll take a while to get the money because her insurance company is avoiding us. So we're trying to get a rental car right now, hopefully I'll be able to go to Sagemont's Service Group thing on Saturday, but it don't look likely. So yeah if you want more details, email, call, or IM me and I'll fill you in, but I'm ok, my sister (who was in the passenger seat) is ok. Every thing's fine, it's just going to be hard to get around for awhile. Anyway have a good day. And watch out for those crazy Houston drivers. :)


Well I know me nitpicking this is a little late but oh well.

Well enough ranting now back to homework...yay...Oh well the semester is almost over and I have a whole month off so I'm good. Have a good day.

My Votes:

Special election:
CD 22: M. Bob Smither(L)

General Election:
Gov: Rick Perry (R)
Lt. Gov: David Dewherst (R)
Senate: Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R)
CD 22: M. Bob Smither (L)

As far as I know they all won except Bob the Libertarian. I believe Shelly (R) won the Special Election allowing her 2 months as the fill-in of Tom Delay (R) but Nick Lampson (D) won the General election and is one of the reasons the Democrats won the house. If we had a more conservative Republican candidate I would have voted Republican, but Shelly was too Liberal and a little wishy-washy so I went with Libertarian. I'm glad Perry won the Governorship, he did a good job the last 6 years and the other candidates just weren't the types I wanted in charge of Texas. And interesting enough Perry is going to be the first Texas Governor to serve for ten years. Wow! I mean sure it would have been nice to have an Independent which hasn't happened here since Sam Houston 150 years ago, but still Perry is good and I'm glad he won.

I would have voted for the other stuff, but I didn't know the races well enough, and I don't want to do a blind vote. Plus no one ran against Judge Nelson (D) as always so what's the point of voting when you have no other choice. And I'm glad no GOPs were running, because all the straight ticket voting would have done Nelson in, and I like Nelson. Everyone loves Nelson, he's a great judge, and I hope he continues being a judge in the area for many years to come.

Anyway I'm a little sad the Democrats won the House. I mean sure their are some benefits, such as a possible increase in minimum wage! :D I like that, but their foreign policy is what scares me, because I don't want us to leave Iraq. It would spell disaster for the region I know in my gut it will, and I trust my gut. Our country is about to have a huge turn in its future, and I don't believe it'll be a good one. Hopefully by the next election people will see the error of their ways and take the house away from the Democrats, but it probably won't happen. Oh Well, I voted, and apparently not enough people agreed with me, so I'll just have to hold my breath, and hope the Democrats don't make things worse.....

Changing the subject I hung out with Ben and Elise yesterday, and a new school friend of Ben's, Yolanda. She's cool. We went to the movies and saw Santa Clause 3. Good family movie, much better than 2. I was surprised I liked it, but I'm glad I was. We then went around the mall and entered Dillard's. Elise had her camera out, and we were laughing and stuff, and then I saw cop starting to follow us around, and I suggested we get out of there, but they were to slow, and the cop came up to us asking if we were here to see a movie (we had about half an hour till it started). We told him we were, and he told us to get their now. Then we saw the mall rules, which I've never seen before and found a rule banning cameras. So basically we got kicked out of Dillard's because of a camera! And it turns out not only does Mall of the Mainland ban them, so does my favorite, Baybrook Mall. That stinks, what's wrong with cameras! Afraid we'll take pictures of something you don't want us to. I mean seriously what's up with that! Oh well, all I know is that I have officially been kicked out of a place for the first time in my life. It's like a right of passage! I loved it! lol

Well anyway it was a fun night, and I also bought the new <i>WOW 2007</i> CD, as well the new Newsboys CD I've been waiting for, Go! Oh man I love it! The Newsboys were great once again. They so rock. Especially the radio hit I am Free. Oh man I love that song! definitely a classic. Man Newsboys have really changed since their Breakfast days. Ever since they released the Adoration project a couple years back they've taken a new turn, with these worship songs. Which I love!!! The last three albums have been fantastic, and definitely show the bands maturity.

Speaking of Mature bands I heard a while back the Audio Adrenaline is kicking the bucket as it were. They've decided they're not going to release anymore albums, no more tours. They've broken up for lack of a better term. Petra did the same thing not that long ago. It feels like the end of an era, because all these bands that pioneered modern contemporary Christan music are leaving us. It's so sad, I mean I grew up listening to these bands! I use to listen to my Petra tape (back when tape players were still common in cars) in my parents car all the time. Audio's Big House was song all the time in sunday school, so much that I still remember the motions they came up with. That makes me feel Nostalgic in a way. Remembering those days, and those bands I grew up with. Oh man I miss the 90s.

So yeah, wow I had a long entry today. I don't think even I would have read that...oh well time to go do my homework...

EDIT 11:13:

p.s. LOST tonight!!! I can't wait!! Then a 12 week hiatus....BOO!!!

Hello this is the 90's!

Remember when everyone said "hello this is the 90s"?

Anybody under the age of 13 should not read this, and if you do, you should not repost this.

Just because you were born in '97 doesn't mean you're a 90's kid.

It's not like you could remember the original Simpsons. I am sorry but three conscious years of the 90's just wont cut it.

Life in a pecan shell

Well life drags on, and on, and on, and on....Sunday a 14is-year-old tried to pass off a counterfiet $100 bill that looked liked it had been printed up on crumpled up notebook paper. It was that bad. And of course that's a federal crime, so the manager talked to him till the cops came and talked to him some more and cuffed him and took him away, and then The Manager and The Owner had to come up and help the co-manager with the police report for the officer that stayed behind. It was just an odd day, it really was, and we were in the middle of inventory weeked which comes every 3 months, so we were busy that day.

I've been spending A LOT of time on MySpace and You Tube, and have forgotten, at times, LiveJournal, and feel pretty bad about it. Cause LJ is fun too, just less visual that's all.And my most recent display name on MySpace is "Silence is golden, duct tape is silver," and I have a picture of duct tape, soon to be replaced by a pic of me with duct tape over my mouth, so I'm having fun!

LOST returns tonight, as well as Battlestar Galactica this Friday, so fun fun. SG-1 and Atlantis are taking their winter hiatus, only they won't return till march! grrrr! Oh well, I still have other shows to preoccupy myself till then. Doctor Who, BSG, LOST, 24, American Idol (if I feel like it). So I'm not gonna go crazy without any new episodes thank God!

You know, I lived down here in the Greater Houston, Texas area my whole life, and I still can't get used to the weather! It is sooooo annoying. It's hot one day, and freezing the next. We have a drought one month, and a monsoon the next. It just drives you crazy. We had a white christmas back in 2004 which was the first white christmas Texas had seen in...forever! Then last year our winter was spent as a second summer. I mean come on! Hurricanes rarely hit us, they prefer Florida, Mexico, and the West Indies. Though when they do hit there's not that much damage, at least not campared to Katrina.

You know Northeners wonder sometimes why we are so slow (not stupid, per se). It's just we know better. If you're in Houston (especially during the Summer) you don't go out and run around (literally) very fast, and if you do you'll have a heat stroke. I mean I don't know how we would survive without air conditioning. The heat gets up to the 90s during december for crying out loud! Though 30s have happend. 100s are the norm for summer time, so you can tell why we love swimming pools soooo much. Not water parks that much. I mean unless you're going to be at the wave pool all day don't go to a water park in souther US in the summer. That's a big no no, yet people still do it. you stand in line to go down the slides soooo long that you'll be dry after the last splash you had halfway up the stairs! I hate water parks. The Lazy River for one are just too lazy. Unless it's Sclitterbahn I won't go to a water park. I don't like them!

Well anyway enough of that, I'm stuck here for a few more years, better just live with it! Stop reading I'm done.......no sererously go away....go! *walks away*

I'm out of my mind, back whenever

Well what could I possibly say for post # 151....nothing...I got nothing....wow talk about a boring life.....what to say...nope nothing. Totally blank. Sorry I'm just totally not here today. So post 151 is a blank one. All I can say is Perry better be running again for Texas govenor. As much as the name Kinky is tempting, Perry has been a great govenor so vote for Perry! If he's running! Say no to Kinky! lol. It's hard to keep a straight face when saying that!

BTW If anyone has seen me recently please tell me where I am. I can't seem to find me! I mean come on I'm writing one of the most pointless posts ever. At least on my LJ. So please let me know. I miss me!

Post #150!

Well I've had a lot of free time recently, so I'm gonna start a couple of personal projects. But I don't feel like telling anyone about them just yet, until I'm sure I'll be able to do them, but you will be hearing about them eventually, because they're video projects, though they may take a very long time to do...one in which may never be finished and you'll understand why when I explain what it is...right now I'm just trying to get them started, hopefully they'll both be doable even with my busy schedule...

Anyway school's been ok, got a paper do in a couple of weeks, so I need to get started on that, but college has been fun. I have some crazy professors one in which is so crazy that he's been teaching for many years! Yeah he's been teaching since he was 21! And everyone in his first class was older than him...funny huh?

sigh...waiting here at the computers waiting to go to the Walker's house which is where our church's college ministry meets on wednesdays. Be nice to see everyone, one in whom I ran into at the bookstore here. It's good seeing a familiar face during the week when normally you've only seen them on sundays for the last 18 years. That's right I grew up in the church with this guy and yet I know little about him, and vice-versa. I mean come on just cause you see someone at the local grocery store once a week for 18 years and you still know very little about them. But he's still cool, it's always a pleasure to see him, after all he's the only one I remember from my childhood that I still see and talk with to this day.

Well I really have nothing else to post, I'm just bored out of my mind right now! sigh....I still have an hour till the college ministry meeting.....sigh...*hums Jeapordy song*....Oh that reminds me....wait that's not important....no one reading this would care....sigh....what to say, what to say.....wait I mean type, if you can hear me when I'm typing then I want to ask you something right now. I'm saying a number between 1-10...what is it?! Their that should occupy me...waiting for a response to that! Yay! Though no one might comment for hours.....oh well must stay optimistic!

Edit 6:28:

Yay! I just realized this was my 150th post! out of....2+ years! We must celebrate! Everyone must comment me and they will recieve from me $100 (convert that to your own currency if outside the US)! That's right: comment=$100

comments must be 1000 word multi-paragraph essay and in proper english, one grammar or spelling error will result in an automatic cancelation of payment. SG15Z is not responsible for money being lost in the mail, acccidently thorn in a fire, used as this weeks tithe, or being ripped to pieces. Do not take a c-note if you are pregnant, nursing, or may bebecome preganant. Do not take this money if you have heart problems, a weird squinting eye, or the tendency to spend money at a store. C-notes may cause lonliness, depression, divorce, death, and things that are just bad. Ask your Banker if a C-note is right for you.

Remember commenting on this special 150th post could make you $100 richer. Act now!

911 5th anniversary

To the families that lost their loves one that tragic day 5 years ago, and in memory of the thousands that died I will first enter a moment of silence...

Now to really be in rememberance...

May we never forget...


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